Our purpose built, heated cattery is positioned away from the kennels where your cat can relax and enjoy their stay.

Individual cosy cat rooms with all the creature comforts your cat could need plus access to a secure run. Each room has a carpeted section, a scratching post and a choice of sleeping options, including a snug pod for shy or nervous cats. Not fogetting a regularly serviced litter tray!

Our dedicated staff are always on hand to care for your cats, including meeting any special dietary requirements and administering medication as specified.

We welcome you to come and visit us and check out the facilities ready for your cat’s next holiday.

Don’t forget vaccinations!

Just as with our kennels, the cattery must be disease free. Please check all your cat’s vaccinations are up to date. We will need to see your cat’s vaccine record on arrival.

Relaxing in Gidding Grove's Cattery
Gidding Grove Cattery
  • Purpose Built Heated Cattery

  • Scratching Posts and Sleeping Pods

  • Clean and Cosy

  • Lots of cuddles and fuss!

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